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Tips for handling your rabbit.
10-03-2010, 12:09 PM
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Tips for handling your rabbit.
How To Handle Your Rabbit / Pick Your Rabbit Up

As a bunny owner, one of your biggest challenges may be handling your rabbit. This is because most rabbits don't particularly like to be held, which means that they struggle, growl, and occasionally bite and scratch. Even if they do these things, that doesn't mean you shouldn't handle them. It does mean that you will have to take some time to establish a better bond between you and your bunny. This is a guide for the beginner bunny owner and takes you through the first steps of handling your rabbit.

Step One:

Pet your bunny. You have to walk before you can run, and petting your bunny is the first step towards being able to pick it up and handle it. Bunnies like to have their heads gently scratched and rubbed, but some generally do not like to be touched under the chin or around their hind quarters.
If you want to earn your rabbit's trust, giving it a gentle head rub is an excellent way of doing that. After a while your rabbit may even start running up to you and demanding attention.

Step Two:

Put the bunny in your lap. Sit on the floor with the bunny and gently put the bunny in your lap. Let it run off if it wants to, but let it get used to the idea that being picked up and put in your lap is not the end of the world. If you cannot pick your rabbit up at all, try luring it into your lap with treats.

Step Three:

Try holding your bunny. Odds are that your rabbit will not like being restrained. Remember, these are prey animals, and to them, being held down or trapped by a bigger creature often means death. Is there really any wonder that they fight so hard to be let go? Bonding with your rabbit in the first two steps, and being gentle but firm when you do pick the bunny up will go a long way to helping your bunny become more amenable to being picked up.

Picking Up Bunny Checklist:

Support the bunny under its chest

Support the hindquarters

Hold the bunny close to your body. Let it rest against your body if you can. This will provide it much more security.

Once you've picked your bunny up, hold it for a few seconds, or until it stops struggling, and then release it gently. Rabbits will often start struggling again when they feel themselves being released, so make sure you do this very close to the ground. Giving the bunny a treat may sweeten the experience as well.
An alternative method of picking up a rabbit involves sliding one hand under its breast bone and grasping both front legs between the fingers of this hand. The other hand is then gently worked under the rear quarters to fully support them as the rabbit is lifted upwards, in the same manner as cats are held and supported.

Towel Wrapping A Rabbit

If your bun struggles too much when being handled then you might want to try wrapping your rabbit in a towel also known as a bunny burrito.

Bunny Burritos:

When trimming nails or medicating your rabbit it may be necessary to secure your rabbit. The best way to do this is by using a towel and creating a "bunny burrito". The first step is finding a towel that is best suited in size for your rabbit. Larger towels can be folded as needed. One very important thing to remember when wrapping your rabbit in a towel is that they are very good escape artists. Therefore you want to make sure your rabbit is secure and safe. If your rabbit is too squirmy and kicking its hind legs, you might want to stop the wrapping and try again in a few minutes.

Open ended burrito:

This works best for trimming nails:

1. place rabbit on top of a flat towel

2. wrap towel tightly around legs & body starting from shoulder down to the hips

You can then pull each foot out when needed.

Closed ended burrito:

This method works best when medicating your rabbit or when trimming the hind feet of a rabbit that bites.

1. place rabbit on top of a flat towel

2. fold one end of the towel over the lower half of the rabbit

3. wrap towel tightly around legs & body starting from shoulder down to the hips

When you use the closed ended burrito to trim the hind feet of a biting rabbit you follow the same procedures as above but with a slight twist. Instead of folding the towel over the lower half of the rabbit you fold it over the top/head of the rabbit. Fold the towel loosely like a large hoodie to allow space for your rabbit to breathe. Please remember this sounds cruel but your rabbit will only be secured in this manner for a short period of time. You can then access each hind foot as needed.

[Image: fkz95d.jpg]

As Admin please PM if you have any queries
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22-11-2010, 11:23 AM
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RE: Tips for handling your rabbit.
I also have Two cute Rabbits in my Home.These tips helps me to treat them .
Thanks a lot .

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