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Vibes for Furball please :( - Bernie please, Furball, Vibes,
My poor Furball hasn't been eating properly for a few days (she will eat little bits but then go to sleep) so today I took her along to the vets to get checked out.
I had convinced myself that it was most probably her teeth, because even though she has fantastic teeth for her age (she will be 12 in June) she had to have a canine removed about 6 months ago due to an infection in her gums, so as she is spitting out food I just thought we would go to the vets and they would remove the tooth that was causing the problem.

When the vet looked at her teeth we quickly ruled that out as they are perfect, but on further investigation the vet spotted she was a little constipated. Her temp is fine and there was no other real major causes for concern.

So Furball was given:- a Laurabolin, and vitamin B1 injection and I was also given some Emeprid to give her an hour before food. If there is no improvement in 48 hours I will be going back for some more tests to try and pin point what the problem is (if she deteriorates before the 48 hours we will...
Grooming Furball. - Bernie Furball, Grooming,
Many people have asked me if brushing Furball can be a pain as not only is she a long hair, she also has a double coat :angry2:
I have always been confused with this question as this is what I get when I get the cat brush out:

So I take it not all cats are like this with a brush??:angel:
Furball - Bernie Furball,
I was going through some of my photo's this evening, so decided to post some of my gorgeous lil specail girl :cupid:

Her nomal pose hehe

Being a daddy's girl


Poor Furball. - Bernie Furball, Poor,
This morning I noticed that Furball wasn't that keen on eating her breakfast so I soaked her biscuits with some gravy. You could tell she was hungry but she was reluctant to eat :-/
So I had a look in her mouth and the gum around her upper right canine looked swollen and sore :s On closer inspection I noticed that the tooth itself looked wobbly :huh:

Off to the vets we went and after trying to remove the tooth consciously it was very clear it was causing her lots of pain, so we decided that the best thing was to put her under GA to remove it and have a look at the rest to make sure there was no other problems :-/

The vet just called and told me she is waking up now :D They had a good look at her teeth and the rest look good (infact very good for an 11 year old cat :)) I'm off to pick her up at 6pm She will be on a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection and hopefully she will be back to normal in a couple of days :pray:
Furball and her box - Bernie Furball,
Sorry it's a bit dark, but you can see how silly she can be :haha:
Me n' my Furball - Bernie Furball,
My OH took a couple pics of Furball getting a fuss and I felt that they were too cute not to share :whistle:

Furball playing - Bernie playing, Furball,
I managed to get a video of Furball playing today so here is my lil special princess :inlove:

Please excuse the random sock on the floor it was her item to steal for the day :brainfart:
Furball - Bernie Furball,
Furball sunbathing today :inlove:

Furball - Bernie Furball,
What, I'm comfy don't look at me like that :blush:
Furball - Bernie Furball,
I don't post many pics of my lovely lil princess that is Furball, so I took some last night of her doing what she does best and that is chilling :whistle:

Furball - Bernie Furball,
Here are a couple of pics of my beautiful Furball aka Princess

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