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When to introduce new food and what to offer? - Priya offer, what, food, introduce, When,
My bunny has just turned 5.5 months (and have gotten quite fond of me fact very attached. He is like a puppy)! I feed him Oxbow young rabbit pellet and Kaytee Alfalfa...but now that he's 6 months, I am waiting for the half bag of pellet to finish so I can get him started on regular pellet, as well as Timothy hay (he likes that hay, fed him once before).

I also want to give him new food and would like to know when can I start doing that, what can I offer him, how much etc. Please help
What to plant for food? - Melissa food, plant, What,
I want to plant some fresh greens, flowers or veggies for Paisley that he can nibble on at will. I'd like to plant them in a long, wide plastic bin and then lay the stuff down like sod. Any suggestions of some good nutritious stuff I can plant that will grow in cold weather (unless it's snowing, then I can plant kale) and work well for the idea? Paisley's pen is all dirt but I can't plant anything (very bad kind of dirt for planting, no nutrients at all and lots of rocks).

I'm thinking dandelions and grass, with some kale here and there. Is grass even nutritious for rabbits? I know 'in the wild' they eat it but they also eat everything else too, and not all of it is always safe stuff :(
How much food for my bunny? - jamie555uk bunny, food, much,
I recently adopted a 12 weeks old rabbit. No idea of her breed (check last thread for pics) I'm unsure how much food to give her. The pellets I'm feeding her now from petsathome...for small rabbits (up to 16weeks) says on the back how much to give daily depending on breed, but it varies so much for each breed with these pellets, and as i don't know what breed she is i have no idea how much to give her???

She eats a hell of a lot atm and I've had her 2 weeks and I'm already seeing a difference in weight. Don't wanna be giver her too much and making her a fatty :s:blush:
food - gem food,
Ok so i know that they need unlimited hay. but what are your daily routine and food you give your rabbits? just trying to get an idea for my future rabbits. and which nuggets are best. thankyou.
Can rabbits eat chinchilla food? - texasreb food, chinchilla, rabbits,
I know chinchillas can eat high quality rabbit pellets, but can rabbits eat high quality chinchilla food?

I ask because I have a bag of un-used chinchilla food. If my rabbit can't eat it, I'm going to toss it.
The Best food to get your rabbit? - asm88 rabbit, your, food, Best,
What is the healthiest food you can get for your rabbit?
Best food for 8 week old Mini Lop? - The White Rabbit Mini, week, food, Best,
Hi guys,
Lottie is 8 weeks and has come to me on a diet of russell rabbit and suparabbit fruity :-/ I know this isn't good for her so I wondered what food you recommend? I thought the Burgess Excel Junior and Dwarf pellets might be good but what do you think? xx

Thanks :blush:
food quantities... - angriesthedgehog quantities, food,
sorry if this has been asked loads of times but I was wondering about the food quantities I should be giving Wong Choi (almost 9 weeks old)

I free feed hay - there is always hay available and give a small handful of pellets everyday plus his veg/fruit/greenery which I give a big handful of

How much should I be giving him?
Whats the better food. - Chaz food, better, Whats,
For chinchillas, I'm not gonna put them on a mix, but the local pet shop which sells the chin food no longer seems to sell the burgess, but sells science selective, so I had to pick some of that up, other wise I would have to order it in from other shops which would take time, off the internet, or the shop which sells it, but treats its animals like crap, so I refuse to go in there.

But anyway whats better for them, will it be better to put them back on burgess, or go with the science selective from now on, any ideas anyone?
What food can they have? - Alicia have, they, food, What,
Apart from vegetables, hay and pellets are there any other foods that rabbits can have? I had a look online and one website said rabbits can eat wetabix, is this right? Also what else can they have like that?
Dust in food... - drewdibble food, Dust,
Hi guys,

We keep our guinea and rabbit food (supa rabbit/guinea excel pellets) in large tubs, but after a while there's a dust (mashed up pellets I guess) in the bottom. Other than mashing it with water, is there anything else I can do with it? There's loads of it! Has anyone used it for anything before? Can I make a treat or something out of it by mixing it with stuff?

Thanks in advance!
softening food - Bunnygirl food, softening,
Sherpa aint looking so good tonight, he looks very skinny from his usual self.
i mixed up some recovery food and some weetabix to see if he would eat mushy food and he is digging in. i guess he has got to that point now.
anyone mushed up bunny food before? do you just soak the pellets?
was thinking i could soak pellets then mix with recovery food for nutrients and weetabix for a bit of bulk? his food is the vetpet with glucosamine, so i want to keep him on that.
i read somewhere that adding tea helps? any thoughts?
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