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have you seen this ? - Jazzywoo this, seen, have,
What other pets do you have? POLL - EmmaL POLL, have, pets, other, What,
Just wondering what other pets you have apart from bunnies and what is the most popular pet, hence the poll. :D If you have more than one, how many? :)

Sorry forgot Chinchillas!! :-/ :duh:
What food can they have? - Alicia have, they, food, What,
Apart from vegetables, hay and pellets are there any other foods that rabbits can have? I had a look online and one website said rabbits can eat wetabix, is this right? Also what else can they have like that?
Abused bunnies have arrived! - AnnaT arrived, have, bunnies, Abused,
Many of you have probably seen this thread about some rabbits that have been badly treated. They are now safe with us and here is their story.

This is Treacle who came into rescue today with her sister, Millie. These girls have a very sad background. They were brought to us by a concerned member of the public who heard about a so called rescue who was basically taking in rabbits and breeding from them.

Both of them were living in their own filth in a hutch that was far too small for one rabbit, let alone two. As a result of this they were fighting. So far they seem to be getting along ok, but if they do fight here we will have to split them.

Millie's rear end is very swollen and painful and so is Treacle's nipples. Both girls will have to be 100% healthy before they can leave us.
Guess what we have coming in... WARNING... very sad story :( - AnnaT story, very, WARNING, coming, have, what, Guess,
What kind of sick excuse for a human BEATS a rabbit?!

We have some bunnies coming in that have been beaten by their previous owner and were saved by someone. From what the lady who rescued them said, they weren't doing anything wrong. Not that I agree with any sort of physical punishment on an animal for anything. I wanted to know if one went for her or something, but apparently not. They hadn't done anything to her knowledge.

Both buns are skinny and have swellings They will be coming to us soon but right now are at hers receiving vet treatment.
Can I have..... - Bernie have,
................. good luck vibes for Frankyn tomorrow please?

I have booked him in for his furry teabag removal tomorrow :stretcher:
Hopefuly when he has recovered I wil be on the look out for a rescue wife or 2 for him :whistle:
Furry Friends Calenders have arrived! - AnnaT arrived, have, Calenders, Friends, Furry,
We have a dog calender and other animals calender. Price is £9.99 including P&P and all money goes back on the rescue

Please PM this account if you would like to purchase one.

You can see the designs here!/album.php?aid=38296&id=100001280972277
Me & Xander have fell out *humphs* - WeeBarraxO humphs, fell, have, Xander,
would you believe that this little face ..

could do this .. :shock:

maybe if you see this side of him :shock:

note how far his tail is up

he is one hormonal little b****

deffo not ready for bonding anytime soon, (he got neutered nearly 4-5 weeks ago)
Pets at home have done it again! - Aimee Rose again, done, have, home, Pets,
And this time they may be sued.

My neighbour next door and his gf bought two rabbits from pets at homes adoption bit (rabbits and other animals who aren't wanted any more so pets at home find them new homes), they look like mini lops cross with a lionhead or something hairy to me, they're said to be about 13 months old. They bought them last Saturday, today i just got called round to check something, one of them is ripping fur out and making a nest, I've checked both of them and they are both girls, I've also checked the white one, the suspected pregnant one and she is lactating, now I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure that means she's pregnant, or at least having a phantom one. She's pretty active so i don't think her due dates for at least a week, she's eating more and drinking more and all the bedding has been pushed into the bed area.

Now it's pets at homes fault because not only do they not know much history about them, so that potential and new owners know what they're in for (i.e: have they been in any contact with males,...
great guard dog we have :O/ - Jazzywoo have, guard, great,
today not only has our stupid dog let someone into our yard :-/
she let them steal her anti bark collar off her neck :huh:
nice to know if someone breaks in our house missy is always there to protect us :laugh:
ps missy says they looked nice and she hated the collar as it beeped at her :whistle:
sky 1 friday 8pm !!!! you all have to watch - Jazzywoo watch, have, friday,
ok its finally upon us me, james, jazzy, becky, demi and the rest of rabbit jumping uk team are on tv
ok no laughing even if they make us look stupid and totally ignore my interview as they told me what to say it took 5 takes and i felt very stupid :blush: i also asked them to cut it but they have refused :s
but feel free to go awww at my kids jumping mini adidas oh god i hope they dont make us all look like total idiots :-/
Seriously I have no luck .. - WeeBarraxO luck, have, Seriously,
how young can a bun get pregnant ?

I ask because you know the new bunnies I have are both boys ..

one has a rather tubby belly with bumps, if this is what I think it is, I am really not having a good time with buns :dodgy:,

now I am thinking I am going to take them to vets at end of this week anyway, to get them checked over and sexed (double checked)

please pray I am wrong and just being a worry wart again :-/,

p.s. Buffy is no longer nesting, so I think she was just a tad broody, her and Angel go int o get spayed tomorrow
i have a secret hehe :O) - Jazzywoo hehe, secret, have,
i had a phonecall today and now i have very exciting secret :whistle:
I have a surprise .. - WeeBarraxO surprise, have,
Well as you may know, I was looking for a husbun for Magic, I wanted to rescue but homechecker said I was unsuitable without even doing the homecheck, but yeah anywayy .. I went to see a breeder today .. and came home with ...........

both boys, so when they are old enough they will be snipped and bonded with Magico :D,

they are both binkying around the hall just now :inlove:

so I need some help with names :blush:
please have a thought for them - Jazzywoo them, thought, have, please,
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