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R.I.P little one - lula little,

Sleep tight little baby xxxx :rip: :bye:
Any name suggestions for this little guy? - Willow'sMummy little, this, suggestions, name,
I've had this little guy since he was four months old (he's nearly one now!). He was originally named Noah but it has NEVER suited him and so he's always just been hammy.

However, I thought it might be fun for you guys to try and come up with a name for the little cutie? I do love him to bits and feel a bit mean that the poor thing doesn't even have a name...

So here he is (please note - pic taken at four months and he was a lot more sabley then... he now has a more ginger tint to his fur):
Bored little boy bunny - Dizzi bunny, little, Bored,
Hey all

Needing suggestions today. Fluffyfoot my boy bunny has had to be separated from his partner rippi because she had babies and because he is still only three weeks following neuter as well. Sadly he is in a part of the hutch on his own.

Ive been getting him out loads to try and curb destructo-bunny but i also have to work and while its 80% from home, theres that 20% where i can have him stalking me.

Soooo any suggestions guys of toys or things i can put in the hutch to cheer him up, he has some toys and comfy beds etc (spoilt bun) but ?


needing a little advice please - mollie1979 please, advice, little, needing,
hello peeps how are we all today good i hope now as some of you already know I'm new to rabbit keeping I've got a 12 wk old male bunny hes fed excel what i want to know is when it comes to buying his pellet food is it better to buy in the smallish bags or better to go for the 10kg or 15kg bag not sure how long it last for and if i would be just wasting money buying a big bag of food for only one bunny advice warmly welcomed
My little sun worshiper :) - Bernie worshiper, little,
I think Furball was enjoying the sun :lol:

(taken a few days ago)

And from 5 mins ago haha

vibes for the little guy... - angriesthedgehog little, vibes,
my girl hog Munchkin gave birth yesteday night - it was her first time. Unfortunately she rejected her babies, throwing them around her viv and attacking them. After attempting to distract her with food and put the babies back in the nest (using a spoon wrapped and rolled in her bedding) and having it fail. (she threw the babies out again and bit one on the chest) I removed them. Shortly after the baby she had bitten died, then the second one died in my hands while attempting to toilet him - he must have been injured or maybe just too late/cold

I have one little hoglet left. I have nicknamed him Solo and I know his chances are very slim - but he has survived the night (never hand - reared before) and he is feeding and squeaking. Mum managed to scuff his delicate nose which is sore but seems a little better today.

I know his chances are low - but Im going to try him so any positive vibes are much appreciated

sorry this is a bit random x
ive been a little naughty - Jazzywoo naughty, little, been,
well i was chatting to my friend Joanna the other night ad said i really would like her to have my baby boy hedgie as she has given me 3 hedgies over the years and i decided he was perfect for her and she agreed and has named him Tomsk
which i think suits him dont you think :inlove:

however she also said she has a belated xmas / birthday prezzie for me too here he is and no i havnt told jon yet lol
ok need name ideas we already have Spike, Edward, Daisy, Isobelle and Doris

A little cutie. - Chaz
cutie, little,
I saw this little'un walking the dogs yesterday, I took the pictures through a fence, and took a few of the mothers and babies, but before I sort them out, I had to share this, I did resolve myself to not naming any this year, but then I noticed that the end number on this one is 180, so anyone got any good darts names :blush: :lol:.

Hereford calf. by Charlie Jade, on Flickr

Sleep tight little one.... - Bernie little, tight, Sleep,
My dear lil Bud fell asleep this morning and never woke up :bye:

She went through so many homes before she found me, she was also put in to live with a Bearded Dragon in one home (even tho they need completely different environments :@)

I split her from the Beardy and she came on in leaps and bounds, she turned into a very loving lil gecko. Sorry I didn't get you sooner lil bud :bye:

Night night lil Bud, scamper free at the bridge and remember mummy will always love you xxxxxx
Little Toby Hamster - Lil Miss Hamster, Toby, Little,
I am sad to say that my little old man lost his battle with age yesterday

sometime yesterday evening he fell into a deep comatose state, his eyes were open but unseeing, and at first i thought he had already gone. but as i held him i felt him take a breath.

i got huffies old heat pad out and kept him warm, his breaths were very irregular and he was going anywhere from 10 - 20 seconds before taking a huge deep breath that jolted his whole body

i knew there was nothing to be done

at about 10:40 he started to breath faster, and his little body started to stretch out, he was leaving me, i took him off the heat pad and just held him

sleep tight liitle toby boy, run free at the bridge

I'm so sorry little one.. - Bernie little, sorry,
I am devastated to be writing another thread here so soon.

I am so sorry little one

At about 8ish this evening I went out shopping, we were out a bit longer than planned because of all the snow we had a stuggle getting up the hill from the carpark.
Anyway, when I got back I started to feed everyone, I then noticed that mini milo didn't come out to say hello like usual, so I checked his house and he wasn't there.
I then noticed that he had managed to chew the water bottle hole big enough for him to squeeze out (he was tiny so didn't take long).
So then I went on a mad hunt looking for him, knowing that he had to be in that room as it is my animal room so I know it is secure...

Well what I found next will haunt me forever and I will never forgive myself.
One of the rats (probably Zuess as he is the dominant buck in that group) had grabbed him by the neck and dragged him into their cage and killed him.

I am so sorry I failed you little man, it was love at first sight when I met you, I was told you...
Oooh little sod! - rudyru little, Oooh,
Ok, so I've just tried to brush Rudy. If you know about him you'll know he hates it :dodgy: Total disaster- he's now gone back in his base severely sulking :angry: I had him on the sofa and he quite enjoyed the head, back and side brush- as he usually does, then just tucked his in my arm while I attempted the bum and above his tail where he sooo needs it, and anyone would've thought I was trying to murder him!:dodgy: I had to just let him go. So now he completely won't look at me and gives me the back treatment:s

How does everyone else cope? I looked at tips posted on here about handling positions which was helpful, I think I'm too soft :whistle:
just found a little white worm is roses poo .. - WeeBarraxO roses, worm, white, little, found, just,
what might this be, is it fatal, they are all meant to be getting wormed next week, but I guess this means I will need to move the worming to a lot sooner ? it was tiny and almost see through, and was like .. coming out of her poo, do I now need to quarentine her ? or is it too late :huh:
how many nests does one little buny need - Jazzywoo need, buny, little, does, nests, many,
here is a very very busy dora

nest 1

and the spare
Roses funny little ways - WeeBarraxO ways, little, funny, Roses,
she is such a funny little bun to watch, when we first got her we gave her a little basket for her hay, which she could fit in with a little room to spare, but she has grown a tiny bit, not much though, but she now can't really fit in the basket but still insists on sleeping in it even though she has a new bed and a new basket for hay,

and every single night just before we go to bed she goes crazy zooming about binkying everywhere lol, so we ususally let her free range at that time now,

but we think her eysight isn't to great maybe because she's a REW ?, I noticed at first she would get a fright if we went to pick her up or give her a nose rub or if there was any sudden movements, but if we talk to her or make some noise at the bars she is fine

she is snoozin just now, in her little basket of course :blush:, eyes shut licking her lips :heart:
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