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he needs a name?? - ashley20 name, needs,
this is my new bunny :hart1:
he needs a name anyone got any suggestions??
(he is a boy)

Coming when i call his name - CinderSmoke name, call, when, Coming,
Scribbles comes when I call his name....... it is simply adorable! I didn't purposely teach him to come, and it touches my heart to know that he has learned that coming to my call means only good things like ear rubbing, neck scratching and love. :my_heart: i truly love my Scribbles bunny!!!!!!
Any name suggestions for this little guy? - Willow'sMummy little, this, suggestions, name,
I've had this little guy since he was four months old (he's nearly one now!). He was originally named Noah but it has NEVER suited him and so he's always just been hammy.

However, I thought it might be fun for you guys to try and come up with a name for the little cutie? I do love him to bits and feel a bit mean that the poor thing doesn't even have a name...

So here he is (please note - pic taken at four months and he was a lot more sabley then... he now has a more ginger tint to his fur):
Help me name my new bun? - Sugarcube name, Help,
Ok, so I got this new little bub. He is a broken agouti butterfly dwarf lop and soooo cuddly and cute! I can't find a good name for him though, I've spent like 2 hours on the net searching for names but still no luck :(
Here is a quick picture of him (from photobooth)

Could you please help me name him? Pretty pretty please with a carrot on top? :rolleyes:
I would greatly consider names starting from B or F. :)

Thanks in advance!
How can I teach my rabbit his name? - Aquarian name, rabbit, teach,
I would like my rabbit to learn his name. We are making some headway, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel, so I would like to know tips and suggestions from you guys. Thanks!
New name for "fudge" - WeeBarraxO fudge, name,
I just feel fudge doesn't really suit him :-/,

any idea's would be welcomed ..

he is eally friendly, loves nose rubs and getting cuddled, and is always up for grooming Storm & Magic :inlove:, and will flop everywhere and anywhere :heart:

Some piccy's to help :inlove:..

grooming session :inlove:

and some of his flopping :heart:

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