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2 does or a doe and a buck - which to get?!! Advice needed please! - Lindsay please, needed, Advice, which, buck, does,
We have been looking to get a couple or mini lop bunnies in the New Year. We want to get them from young so that we can handle them and get them used to us and us used to them straight away....but, I'm confused about the best pairing.
I've read that the best pairing is a doe and a buck - but I'm worried that a buck may possibly continue to spray and mark his territory even after being neutered - can this happen?
So, I thought maybe we'd get a couple of does - but get them spayed so that they stay as healthy as poss and they won't get as territorial maybe...but there are no certainties. And I've heard that they can be more grumpy when they get older?
If I do get 2 does - should they be from the same litter, or bonded does of a similar age from a different litter?!

So......what do you think? I really need some advice as I'm rather confused!!!!

Thanks! :s
Advice on adding to our guinea pigs, please!! - Ceri Dibble please, pigs, guinea, adding, Advice,
We have a very happy and successful group of female guinea pigs. Consisting of mum; Mo, daughter from 1st litter; Rogue and daughter from 2nd litter; Pootle. They have lived happily together for about 2.5 years now, but I think I'd like to rescue another female to go in with them. :hugs: Does anyone know if this is likely to be successful? I wouldn't want to try it and mess the poor little piggy around. I'd hate to offer a home and then not be able to follow it through. I guess I'm just wondering if my 3 will take to another female or if it's just doomed. My 3 aren't neutered, by the way. :huh:


Here's a pic of our gorgeous girls: Rogue - black, Pootle - blonde & Mummy, Mo!!

Vibes for Friday please! - Bernie please, Friday, Vibes,
Well I have bitten the bullet and booked Rascal in to have her spay on Friday. I have started worrying already :s I should be used to this by now lol, this will be my sixth in 2 years and I still get that horrible feeling :bye:

Also my special man Bluey is going in to be checked over as he is getting bald patches on his back and his fur seems to be thining all over :huh: I don't think it is mites because he doesn't have any flakey skin but I want to get it checked out just to make sure nothing sinister is hiding :pray:

Help identifying breed of rabbit please - Aquarian please, rabbit, breed, identifying, Help,

I am a new member of this forum, and I recently got a pet rabbit, whom I have named Bambi. He is about 4 months old, and is white with brown spots, eye rings, dark brown tail and rump area and a patch of color on one of his ears. I think he maybe a mismarked spotted Rex, but I am not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

please help - Kim.93 help, please,
i need to know which brush is best to use on a rabbits fur.
Vibes needed please - Bernie please, needed, Vibes,
Can I have some vibes please, Rhythm has stopped eating :-/ He isn't interesting in anything at all, he just sits there :huh:
I have now put their crate in the frontroom so I can keep an eye on him, but if he doesn't eat soon we will be off to the vets :angry::angry:
So yeah can I have some nomming vibes my way please :-/:-/
vibes for Sherpa please - Bunnygirl please, Sherpa, vibes,
Took sherpa in today, he looked really painful when he was eating this morning.
good thing i did, he has lost another 200g in weight and is the lightest he has ever been.
his upper back molars are completly growing the wrong way now and were digging into his cheek.
because his incisors are growing funny its affecting his molars and they are all growing haphazardly now.
anyway i had to put him under GA and sort his teeth out. the vet was shocked that he was still attempting to eat despite the teeth deformaties.
anyway his recovery wasnt so good, he thrashed around for hours, and he was getting stressed and worked up and his chest was all crackly and he was having trouble breathing. i didnt leave his side and helped him however i could.
he is a bit better now, and can sit up straight, but is still wobbly when he moves. he hasnt eaten yet and no poops :(

please vibes for Sherpa. that will be the last GA i ever put him through, the recovery was too...
More vibes please - WeeBarraxO please, vibes, More,
had to take Spike back to the vets, the superficial flesh wound he had is anything but :(, he has a flap of skin .. which now isn't bothering him atall .. because the flesh is actually dying :(, I noticed last night that he didn't even notice if I touched it .. wether as before he would flinch when I was cleaning it, and it is freezing, so there must be no blood supply, so took him first thing this morning, they are putting him under GA to give it a good proper clean, and to see if they can save the skin, if they can they will staple it, but if not they are going to cut it off :(, so lots of vibes for the baby boy :(, they were umm'ing & ahh'ing wether to put him under as he is so young (only 13 weeks) but they feel if they don't just now it may start to cause problems for him :(, so thats all the neuter money gone :angry:, I've to phone at 12 and see how he got on :pray:
vibes for missy dog please - Jazzywoo please, missy, vibes,
missy was a bad dog and stolen the chicken nuggets out of the bin :-/ she is now very sick and vomiting up blood :huh: ive called the vet he said its due to the effort of been sick so need to go in however we do have to starve her today she is so not not going to be impressed by that plan :whistle:
Jesse ... advice please - Jules please, advice, Jesse,
Jesse has settled well into her new Duna Fun but she's decided she doesn't want to sleep in her igloo now! She happily slept in it before!

So she's now in the corner of the base, near the water bottle with no bedding, just sawdust. Should I move her bedding or just leave her to decide where she's most comfortable? All my previous hammies have chosen their own nest spot and dragged their bedding to where they want to be. I just feel a bit sorry for her cos she doesn't look snuggly! :-/
Name suggestions please!! - Bernie please, suggestions, Name,
Well I was told her name was Lillie, but it soo doesn't suit her. I seem to have run out of name ideas, so I thought I put it to you guy's :-/

Attention please!!!! - Bernie please, Attention,
This is what happens when you don't pay enough attention to a soppy german lop :whistle:

What you doing mum?



Well if you're not gonna talk to me I'll sit on this thing that your ignoring me for :whistle:

After he had finished I had to do a system restore because I couldn't do anything, I couldn't even type in msn :angry:
please have a thought for them - Jazzywoo them, thought, have, please,
Help with Wedges please - Aimee Rose please, Wedges, with, Help,
Hey guys,

Well the story is that my brother has a hamster and over the last week he's lost considerable body weight, we thought it was his teeth so we clipped them...that was earlier in the week, he is now only 83 grams, we've been giving him fattyfoods, like sunflower seeds and even boiled egg, any suggestions on what it could be, he is going to the vets tommorow though but just thought i'd ask you lot first.

Advice on Mindy, please - Rio please, Mindy, Advice,
Just wondering if anyone has any advice or information.

Yesterday, I noticed that Mindy was very wet on her bottom. Not dirty like she use to be but when I did dry her with a tissue, it was a slight brown colour. She is still pooping normally and they are normal.

She did seem to be straining a little to wee.

Today I've checked her over and discovered a very small spot/abscess on her opening. She let me touch it and she didn't flinch so I don't think it's hurting her. I've cut away the fur and put a little vaseline on as she looked a little sore.

She's still eating and drinking and being her normal self although she does seem to spend more time lying down in her cage. But then Mindy has never been a very active rabbit. When she is in the living room, she's her normal self.

Now I know an abscess near their opening, can be a sign of cancer and Mindy is not spayed as the vets I have been to, have not be comfortable putting her under as she does have a very slight...
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