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Take a look at my story! - Snowytoshi story, look, Take,
Hi everyone! I have recently started writing a story called Shattered. The link to it is here:Shattered Feel free to comment on it, I would love to hear constructive critiscm. Thanks!
Geoffrey's story from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Cinema Advert - Chaz Advert, Cinema, Home, Cats, Dogs, Battersea, from, story, Geoffreys,
Didn't quite know where to put this, but here goes, this is apparently Batterseas new advert, what do you thingk?

Guess what we have coming in... WARNING... very sad story :( - AnnaT story, very, WARNING, coming, have, what, Guess,
What kind of sick excuse for a human BEATS a rabbit?!

We have some bunnies coming in that have been beaten by their previous owner and were saved by someone. From what the lady who rescued them said, they weren't doing anything wrong. Not that I agree with any sort of physical punishment on an animal for anything. I wanted to know if one went for her or something, but apparently not. They hadn't done anything to her knowledge.

Both buns are skinny and have swellings They will be coming to us soon but right now are at hers receiving vet treatment.
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