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Do my ears look big in this? - Chaz this, look, ears,

What do you think must admit I look at this, and still don't see how some people don't like Diesel's ears, but then I suppose that its personal taste, as I love them.
have you seen this ? - Jazzywoo this, seen, have,
Is this okay? - lexylouu okay, this,
hello lovelies :heart2::heart2:

Just interested to know if this: 437_n.jpg

For just the Bun you can see :) Xxx:heart2:

This could be a laugh..... - Bernie laugh, could, This,
Pick the number of the month you where born

1 - I fell in love with
2 - I smacked a goat
3 - I ate
4 - I sang to
5 - I gave my number to
6 - I murdered
7 - I shot
8 - I danced with
9 - I choked on
10 - I went out with
11 - I kissed
12 - I hugged

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1 - A homeless guy
2 - your mum
3 - a banana
4 - a fork
5 - a Mexican
6 - a gangster
7 - a ninja
8 - an ipod
9 - my best friend
10 - a goat
11 - my dog
12 - my dad
13 - the computer
14 - a football player
15 - my neighbor
16 - myself
17 - a soda
18 - a llama
19 - a pickle
20 - a stuffed animal
21 - a weirdo
22 - a sock
23 - a tissue
24 - a psychiatrist
25 - a policeman
26 - my brother
27 - my sister
Louie got attacked this morning! - Aimee Rose morning, this, attacked, Louie,
I wrote this earlier on another forum and just wanted to share with you now I have calmed down a little

My mum needed to go to the shop so I thought - why not I've not been out with him in the morning since I had a night out last night. So I had him off lead as our pathways are up to hip height with snow and the roads are just ice and we havent got him heeling perfect yet.

There were loads of people out on the street in the middle clearing the road round the corner and Louie was fine, I left him off lead cos of all the ice they had uncovered - I didnt want him to pull me over or him knock any of the children over with the lead (he likes to go behind them) and everyone saw him and stopped and as I was just about to grab him - once we got past the salam (sp) of people I was just about to put him on lead and then a man who lives up the road from me came round the corner with his two terriers and a lurcher type dog. Now the sun was in my eyes so I wasnt able to see right well and I missed Louie's collar and he ran straight up and this man said he's...
Does anyone know this lady?? - PaintedRex lady, this, know, anyone, Does,
i'm trying to find contact info for Judy Arnold, i think she lives in maine. i bought a mini rex buck from her and i cant seem to find a website or any contact info for her. i was wondering if anyone on here might know her or her contact info:huh:
What could this be .. - WeeBarraxO this, could, What,
not posted on here in forever, will need to get a little update thread up :D, been so busy with the buns, horses, diet & exercising lol anyway ..

Magic keeps getting a gunky film over her eye, she doesn't get any gunk in the corner of her eye or any runny eyes, just this cloudy film over here eye :-/, I know one of the main causes of gunky eyes is teeth problems, so will get her teeth checked when she goes to get her mixy jab renewed, but was wondering if it could be anything else :huh:
does my bum look big on this? - Bunnygirl this, look, does,

:haha: :haha:
R & R this morning. - Bernie morning, this,
Rhythm was actually interested in his breakfast this morning so I took a couple pics and one of him chilling with his brother, it is so good to see him relaxed again :inlove:

Brotherly love :heart:

I think they are enjoying being inside, so shhh don't tell Den I have decided that they are staying in :blush:
Please help shut this horrible breeder down... - Bernie down, breeder, horrible, this, shut, help, Please,

Please join this group on fb, we need to help get this breeder shut down, the animals are kept in awful conditions, but as far as the rspca are concerned they are working with the owner and as they have access to a hutch, food and water they can't do anything :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@

I will warn you the pics are very distressing, but I plan to do as much as I can to get this place closed down and help these poor animals :angry:
Anyone elses rabbit do this ? - WeeBarraxO this, rabbit, elses, Anyone,
its hard to explain .. like walk on all fours ? as in not hop but move all four legs at diff times :huh:, Sonny does this quite alot, I have only seen Magic do it a few times when she see's something new .. but Sonny keeps doing it all the time :blush:, but he does hop to, just mostly does this odd walking on all four thing, will try and get a vid of him doing it
its the big build this week! - Bunnygirl week, this, build,
dad starting building the rabbit runs :D

iv had to wait AGES as he had an operation to fix his hernia and hasnt been able to lift anything, but i came home from work on friday and he had built some of the frames :D

so as soon as i finish work tomorrow morning i am picking up some new wood and getting started on stapeling wire :D
im really excited! :haha:

ill have to post some piccies of the progress and the bun's enjoying them afterwards-once i wrestle the stitches out of Bolly and hyzie that is! :rotfl:
Ducky + Kenny in the garden this morning :) - Rach morning, this, garden, Kenny, Ducky,
Well, the weather is quite nice so I've put 2 big runs up and put kenny and ducky out to stretch their legs after the ops the other week!
Heres a few pics for ducky lovers and kenny lovers and a video :) enjoy!

OMG this is disgusting...... - Bernie disgusting, this,
I really don't understand some people :huh::huh: it-sorry-sight-hutch-torched-owners-sister-family-bust-up.html
only jazzy could get away with this lol - Jazzywoo this, with, away, could, jazzy, only,
well today becky and i went over to collect a bunny from upton lops now jayne has some wonderfull bunnies becky was collecting a chocolate butterfly dwarf lop, well i refused to take any money as i knew i didnt have a enough money to buy any bunny there not even a none showable pet one so armed with 30p in my wallet and jazzy in tow off we wenti knew with no money i could not be tempted to bring anything home i had a plan :P
once we arrived jazzy and i stood in wow mode jayne has the most amazing rabbity its huge becky met her new boy who she has called darcy hes fab and a very sexy boy indeed :inlove:
jazzy was running round looking at the bunnies and said i want this one pointing to a black and white fuzzy baby i told her no she cant have that one in fact you cant have any of them we are here because becky is getting a new bunny not us
jazzy looked a bit miffed and said well which one can i have then ?
i said none of them were here for beckys bunny now be good and dont you be frightening the baby...
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